Tangótica is a classical tango orchestra from Gothenburg, Sweden and has been operating since 2004.
The uniqueness of Tangóticas sound is the saxophone, which is normally not included in the classic tango. It weaves together the music while creating a modern, slightly cooler sound.

With their different backgrounds from classical music to jazz it´s only natural that they are trying to open up the tango for influences from these musical styles, however without disturbing the fundamental feeling of tango. Tangótica mixes dramatic tangos, fast paced milongas and sentimental waltzes from the Argentine tango repertoire by composers such as Osvaldo Pugliese, Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla but also writes their own material wich can be heard on the coming record. Tangótica consists of six musicians, all established names in Gothenburg's cultural life.

Tangótica was nominated for the 2013 Manifest award for their debute cd.