November 27, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – November 29, 2020 @ 1:30 pm Europe/Stockholm Timezone
World Dance Company
Stigbergstorget 8
414 63 Göteborg
Elodie Labonne
Experience fast changes in your mobility, body awareness and breathing quality with 3 days GYROKINESIS® intensive! Online via zoom or at World Dance Company, Stigbergstorget 8.
During the summer edition the participants especially enjoyed:
– increased strength and mobility in a short time.
– a smooth increase in the challenge over three days.
– a deeper general understanding of movement to improve daily moving habits and all movement practices.
The GYROKINESIS® method helps us to discover our body’s possibilities and limitations. Too often, we ignore and bypass our limitations instead of starting from our comfort zone to gently expand from there.
Session after session, our muscles become stronger, our joints more mobile, and our tissues more elastic. Our body awareness increases, our posture improves, and our movement quality flourishes. Tensions release and the mind relaxes, helping us to manage our stress better, make smarter use of your body, expand our range of motion, and age with less discomfort.
During three days, we will explore further the following principles:
– The comfort zone – listening to our limitations to expand our possibilities
– The synergy between the breath and the movement of the spine
– The connectives lines (fascia) to engage the body as a whole in the movement
What you need:
– A stool or a chair (provided in-studio)
– The possibility to lie down on the floor / a yoga mat

Price: 99€ / 1050 SEK.

Friday 27th of November 18.00-20.30 (CET Time): Class 1
Saturday 28th of November 11.00-13.30 (CET Time): Class 2
Sunday 29th of November 11.00-13.30 (CET Time): Class 3

Elodie Labonne started her exploration of movement with the dance Argentine Tango in 2013. As she was searching for a method to deepen her understanding of movement technique and tension release, she chose to become a certified instructor with the GYROKINESIS® method. Elodie’s class are much appreciated for the relaxed and friendly atmosphere she creates, as well as the clarity and the precision of her guidance and explanations.