För dig som  letar efter en mjuk träningspass för att utveckla kroppsmedvetemhet, tonisitet och flexibilitet. Inget förutsättningar krävs. Om vädret tillåt det tränar vi utomhus!

The GYROKINESIS® exercise shows multiple benefits when practiced regularly. For everyone, office workers, seniors, athletes, dancers, it improves the posture, the breathing capacity, emotional balance by the calming action on the nervous system, and general increase of a sens of freedom and comfort in the body. All this without pain, only gentleness and self-care.

Teacher: Elodie Labonne



Tisdagar 18.00-19.00
Torsdagar  11.30-12.30*
Torsdagar 20.00-21.00**

Elodie Labonne

A fun, gentle and efficient exercise for the whole body. Flowing sequences of movement connected to breathing pattern to strengthen the pelvic floor and other deep core muscles. Ease chronic pain in the hips, back, shoulders, spine and other joints.

Drop-in: 160 SEK


Torsdagar 19.00-20.00
Elodie Labonne

Training for toned legs and balance. A pass designed to activate and engage the muscles from hips to toes to shape and strengthen your legs and core muscles.

Drop-in: 160 SEK


3d October
11.00 – 16.00
Elodie Labonne
Martina Von Schwerin

Release physical tensions,
Explore the joy and freedom of movement,
Everyone welcome – dancers will delightfully explore movement technique, everyone else will benefit from this “feel good” workshop in GYROKINESIS® Training and Hilal Dance.


Elodie Labonne

Elodie  helps you to identify the source of your tensions and imbalances in the body to improve your moving, sitting, and standing habits.
She guides you to define your training goals and train your body in an efficient way to achieve them by engaging your deep core muscles,  improving your posture and body control, while releasing tensions.

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