The GYROKINESIS® exercise shows multiple benefits when practiced regularly. For everyone, office workers, seniors, athletes, dancers, it improves the posture, the breathing capacity, emotional balance by the calming action on the nervous system, and general increase of a sens of freedom and comfort in the body. All this without pain, only gentleness and self-care.

For hobby, social, and professional dancers, here comes our three top benefits:

1) Body awareness: in the guidance through flowing movement sequences.

2) Balance and flexibility: by strengthening the deep core muscles pelvic stability is improved while the spine and the hips gain mobility.

3) Spine mobilization: any activity involving spinal movements — spins, waves, turns — gets exceptional benefits from the mobilization and strengthening exercises of the GYROKINESIS® method.

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Saturday the 25th April 2020
From 11.00 to 17.30
Elodie Labonne
Martina Von Schwerin

World Dance Company students 750 SEK
Regular 850 SEK

Release physical tensions,
Explore the joy and freedom of movement,
Everyone welcome – dancers will delightfully explore movement technique, everyone will benefit from this “feel good” day.

We will use two complementary tools to develop body awareness, relax the muscles, and strengthen the pelvic floor.

The GYROKINESIS® method addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences.
Teacher: Elodie Labonne

HILAL DANCE®, a contemporary dance form based on movement concepts developed in the body across horizontal, vertical and concentric lines that interweave in space and time.
Teacher: Martina von Schwerin

More information about Hilal Dance®:

GYROKINESIS® Training Drop-in - ONLINE Classes via zoom

Tisdagar 18.00-19.00
Torsdagar  11.30-12.30*
Torsdagar 18.45-19.45**

Elodie Labonne

För dig som  letar efter en mjuk träningspass för att utveckla kroppsmedvetemhet, tonisitet och flexibilitet. Inget förutsättningar krävs.

Pris 6 klasser: 850 SEK
Drop-in: 150 SEK 

*Erbjudande: “Tension Release”-kombo på torsdagar! Gå GYROKINESIS® Träning kl 11.30-12.30 + Hilal Bodywork kl. 12.30-13.30 för 250 kr drop-in.

**Erbjudande för tango dansare på torsdagar: Gå GYROKINESIS Traning kl 18.45-19.45 + Tango Boost kl 19.45-20.45 6 klasser för 1300 kr eller 250 kr drop-in.

GYROKINESIS® Introduction to principles

Lördag 13.00-15.00

Elodie Labonne

No previous experience required. However, this workshop will also help regular GYROKINESIS® practitioners to improve their practice in classes. 

Introduction to GYROKINESIS® principles:
– Awakening of the senses
– Body and breathing awareness
– Spine mobilization, lengthening and support of the disks
– Opening and lubrication of the joints
– Strengthening of deep core muscles

Pris: 300 SEK

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