Tango summer classes with Lucho & Gilda

Tango summer classes with Lucho & Gilda


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Last time they were teaching together in Göteborg was in 2009 and we are very happy to welcome them back: Gilda Stillbäck and Lucho Lucero.

The approach of Lucho and Gilda is based on their respective backgrounds: contact improvisation and contemporary dancing. The uniqueness of their pedagogie lies in the deep knowledge of the body they developped. They focus on creating your own dance from a technique work adapted to your own body, a musical development revealing your own sens of musicality. The workshops will always have a ground work on developing the sensitivity of your communication, to create confortable movements in the couple.

All the workshops will be held on Mondays-Tuesdays-Wednesdays in weeks 32-33-34, at Oceanen, Stigbergstorget, 8. They are all composed of an intense class, followed with a time to practice and receive individual feedback from Gilda and Lucho.

For all classes, we will open the room 30 minutes before the class starts to give you the time to warm-up.

------------------------- WORKSHOPS-------------------------

WEEK 32 - 9 hours: TECHNIQUE - CREATE YOUR OWN DANCE - all levels

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 18.00 to 21.00

Discover your own posture and your own technique to create a confortable dance for yourself. Create strategies to improvise with circular movements on the dance floor and be creative.

This week will also prepare and allow us to find a common vocabulary in the dance for the following weeks of workshops!


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 18.00 to 21.00

A workshop for both beginner and advanced students combining theory and technique with play and improvisation.

Rhythm, syncopation, musical phrase, 3 3 2, quality and interpretation, play and ornamentation, offbeats, dynamics, quickness and slowness, dancing the pause.

Followers will be given tools to dance actively, to be able to suggest moves. Leaders will be given tools to improvise and play with the music together with the follower.

WEEK 34 - 6 hours: MILONGA

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Beginner/intermediate from 18.00 to 20.00

Intermediate/advance from 20.00 to 22.00

Milonga offers us a very special freedom. We will focus on a clear lead and interpretation to create a playful dance in the couple. From rythm to sensitivity in the embrace for the beginner and intermediate levels, including blocked crosses and dissociations in the walk.

Elastic and blocked giros, embelishment and variations with ocho cortados for the intermediate / advance.

----------------------------- PRICES----------------------------

Prices early-birds (before 30th June 2017):

1 week (9 hours)*: 950 SEK
2 weeks (18 hours)*: 1800 SEK
3 weeks (24 hours)*: 2500 SEK

Prices after 30th June 2017:

1 week (9 hours)*: 1250 SEK
2 weeks (18 hours)*: 2700 SEK
3 weeks (24 hours)*: 3500 SEK

*3 workshops per week - chose between beg/int or int/adv for week 34

--------------------- OTHER INFORMATION----------------------

Beginner: You attended one to three terms of tango classes. You maybe previously had a few classes focusing on the theme you chose but it doesn’t feel comfortable on the social dance floor. 

Intermediate: You have been taking classes for at least 2 years and you practice/dance regularly. You previously had classes in the theme you chose and those elements are partly integrated in your dance.

Advance: You have been around the social dance floor for a while and you are seeking for tools to continuously develop and refine your own dance.

We will do our best to find a partner if you sign-up alone. However, couple registrations will have priority.

The classes are limited to 16 couples. Registration is binding and you have no possibility to cancel your participation. However if you registered and an event occurs making your participation impossible you can transfer your place to someone else (to be arranged by yourself).

INSCRIPTIONS: elodie@worlddancecompany.se

------------------------- GILDA&LUCHO-------------------------

Gilda Stillbäck is trained at the Swedish Ballet School in Gothenburg and at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm in contemporary dance. As a freelance dancer since 2001 she has been working worldwide with contemporary dance and Argentinian tango. Her special interest and focus on Argentinian tango has led to several collaborations in the meeting between dance as a performing art and dance as a social way of meeting.

Lucho Lucero is Argentinian. He loves it when people fall in love with tango, with their own dance. Since 2001, he has been exploring the possibilities of tango, to find the most comfortable way of dancing for each person, to make sure everyone can find their own dance style. He participates in exhibition and festivals in Latin America and Europe and created is own school in Mar Del Plata as a space for personal growth, together with a partner, the other dancers, and the music. More information about Lucho: http://lucho-tango.wixsite.com/lucho-tango

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