Sommar tangokurs med Michalis Karatsioris


Michalis kommer från Grekland och kommer att ge sommar tango kurser för alla nivåer utan absolut nybörjare. Alla tango älskare med minst en termin förkunskaper är välkomna till World Dance Company från 14:e augusti till 30:e augusti på tisdagar, onsdagar, och torsdagar, kvällar från 18.00 till 21.00.

Vecka 33: Communicate for deeper connection - as always, we come back to the basics, going in the details of the fundamentals to always improve the comfort and the improvisation of the dance. This week will set the fundamentals for the two other weeks. Both persons in the pair will lead and follow. Open level - beginners to advance, everyone will take a l

7 hours classes + 2 hours practica

Vecka 34: Let’s turn! - This second week will be dedicated to the giro, a fundamental figure in the dance, yet complex to execute in connection with the partner. Open level.

7 hours classes + 2 hours practica

Vecka 35: Workshop serie

Mån. 28 18.00 - 19.30: Sacadas

Mån. 28 19.30 - 21.00: Milonga

Tis. 29 18.00 - 19.30: Vals

Tis. 29 19.30 - 21.00: Elements of improvisation

Ons. 30 18.00 - 19.30: Catoptric movement or how to use reflection phenomenon to transfer patterns in both roles.

Ons. 30 19.30 - 21.00: Mystery class



En vecka: 1250 SEK

Två veckor: 1950 SEK

Tre veckor: 2950 SEK

En workshop under vecka 35: 280 SEK

Erbjudandet inkluderar:

Att matcha med en partner om det behövs

Fika i pausen (20 minuter mitt i mellan 3 timmar)

Mini-practica kl 17.30 innan kursen börjar

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Mer info om Michalis:

Activities like football and martial arts were my first experiences where actively I practiced to connect body and mind. During my last years of high school as well as all my academic years I had the opportunity to dance in different modern genres like hip hop, RnB and funk at a professional level. I never imagined that I would be dancing tango and even more that tango would be one of the most challenging ongoing experiences in my life, there are actually no rooftop! I am very happy to be able to explore more, daily through different ways as well as to share my experience and thoughts on this unique cultural dance from Buenos Aires.

I took my first baby steps in Crete, Greece and I started teaching in Athens, in one of the most important tango academies of the country, TangoFIX. After one year, life brought me in Sweden where I had the opportunity to teach in the biggest tango school of Scandinavia, Tangokompaniet, which is based in Malmo. In parallel I have been DJ-ing selectively in regular milongas i.e. TangoFIX, Racing Club, La Sonrisa, Camarin, International festivals i.e. Tangocamp, SunnyTango Festival and marathons i.e. Oktoberfiesta, Malmo Tango Marathon.

My point of view when it comes in teaching, is more or less academic, which means building up the information that is provided and analyzing in detail every aspect of the fundamentals.