Vogue & Whacking

Vogue is a dance, but it is also performance art or living art. It is a avant garde, fashion, dance and performance.

Vogue can teach confidence, empowerment of self and body image/awareness. It is a true individual expression of one’s story and imagination.

I feel that World Dance Company is the perfect environment and space for inspiration because many influences in Vogue borrow inspiration from other styles that are represented at our school. So everyone can relate to something in Vogue that speaks to their style. Also, Vogue is a very specialized art form and culture from NYC and it represents another movement that is happening in the world.

At the classes wear something that you feel most comfortable in and bring an open attitude. In GBG I organize Expose´ which offers workshops and events such as Balls with leading artists from the culture itself. I also conduct seminars about the history of Vogue and Punking Whacking, which is a sister style to Vogue from LA. Slowly the door is opening for this culture and art forms to be seen in Gothenburg.

HT 2020
På grund av pågående Covid 19-spridning och Folkhälsomyndighetens rekommendationer erbjuder vi ett begränsat antal platser i danssalarna för att kunna hålla ett säkert avstånd mellan deltagarna. 

Vogue Nybörjare

Söndagar 15.15-16.15
Start 4 okt
Lärare Alyssa Chloe

9 ggr – 1300 kr

Denna kurs kräver inga förkunskaper!

Vogue Femme - Open level

Måndagar 20.15-21.15
Start 5 okt
Lärare Alyssa Chloe

10 ggr – 1400 kr


Vogue Old Way - Open level

Tisdagar 19.30-20.30
Start 6 okt
Lärare Alyssa Chloe

10 ggr – 1400 kr

Förkunskapskrav: Minst en termins kurs i Vogue eller motsvarande.


Tisdagar 20.30-21.30
Start 6 okt
Lärare Alyssa Chloe

10 ggr – 1400 kr


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